Please review before submitting your request for a Grant.  Contact our office if you have any additional questions.
1.  Mobility equipment for consideration of Grant funding includes a percentage of the cost of the conversion/modifications of a vehicle chassis for wheelchair accommodation.  Also included is other equipment needed for safe wheelchair transportation such as wheelchair or scooter securement systems.  Other equipment requested will be considered on a case by case basis.

2.  Modified vehicles must be purchased at a qualified licensed mobility dealer anywhere in the continental United States. Modified vehicles for purchase from an e-bay private party, craigslist or any other private classified ad will not be considered.

3.   The applicant must complete an "Application for Grants" in full providing all requested information as applicable.  The applicant will be completing this application in conjunction with a with a qualified dealer whom the applicant intends to purchase the vehicle or other equipment from.

4.  Funding requests are considered throughout each calendar year and the award is based on meeting funding requirements.  FR Mobility Foundation, Inc. reserves the right to temporarily suspend awarding of grants if available funds cannot meet the demand.

5.  The Application for Grants award is based on the following criteria:

  • Application filled out completely with all required documents as applicable.
  • Proof of rejection for funding from any other funding source (bands, credit unions, other non-profits).
  • Proof of need by providing the required income documents.
  • A clear and concise demonstration of need.
  • No other funding sources have satisfied all your funding requirements.

6.  Grant awards are only valid for 45 days from the date of award notification.  Funds will be forwarded to your authorized mobility dealer.  All other funding must be in place before the awarded is granted.

7.  Grants shall not exceed $5,000 per applicant based  on specific need(s). For example, if the modification to a vehicle chassis costs $12,000,  the Foundation would cover 30% of the cost ($3,600).  For a used wheelchair accessible vehicle, the Kelly Blue Book  value (recognized dealer sale price) will be deducted from the total cost. The difference would be eligible for a 30% Grant toward the purchase.

8.  Only electronic applications will be accepted with required documents attached as files.  Due to HIPPHA rules, please do not include medical records or physician letters of medical necessity unless later requested.  If this information is needed, a medical information release form must be signed by the patient.