FR Mobility Foundation
You can help bridge the gap for independance!
Individuals who depend on the use of a wheelchair for mobility may lack the resources to purchase their own wheelchair accessible vehicle. We can help bridge the gap fo mobility independance.

Our History

Welcome to FR Mobility Foundation, Inc.

While working in the mobility vehicle industry, the founders of FR Mobility Foundation quickly discovered that all too often the difference between the cost of the vehicles necessary to transport wheelchair dependent individuals and the funds that are available to assist in funding the purchase is just too great for many individuals, families and institutions to overcome.

Industry statistics suggest that 50% of individuals wishing to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle, do not have the financial means to do so. The average modified vehicle can cost as much as $50,000! In many cases, funding may be approved for some but not all of the purchase. This leaves a gap in the purchase and can mean the difference between getting the vehicle or not. Even a shortfall of a few thousand dollars can ruin the dream of increased independence for a person who depends on a wheelchair.

If you are an individual or institution in need of assistance in purchasing a modified vehicle for wheelchair transportation, please contact us… We will do our best to help! We do not provide funds for commercial transportation companies.


The mission of the FR Mobility Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is to raise funds which will provide wheelchair dependant individuals with assistance  and education toward acquisition of a wheelchair accessible vehicle or other related equipment.  This will facilitate a broader independent lifestyle through increased mobility.

We are committed to help as many individual/families as we can with a grant toward a modified wheelchair accessible vehicle from any reputable mobility vehicle dealer.